Sunday, May 21, 2017

New vineyard underway

Well the older vines are thriving with lots of tiny flower bunches, the chardonnay test vines are alive and well, and the new solaris vines are all waking up. This is exciting. Much better than watching grass grow.

New chardonnays

Monday, May 15, 2017

They're alive!

Checking on the new vines
Alex pointing out the flower buds

Our vines are sprouting. The two-year old vines are loaded with little clusters of flower buds along with their leaflets and tendrils. This weather has prompted everything to come to life. It's so encouraging to see. Even the little rondo that didn't do much last year has come to life.

The newly planted chardonnay test vines and solaris expansion vines are sprouting, too. It has been an extraordinary month with very little (no) rain and we have not been watering the vineyard. We have been watering the other gardens, vegetable and flower, daily for the past week. Fortunately, last night, the drought was relived and we are to get plenty of rain today. Let's hope it's enough.

Year 3 solaris