Monday, 11 July 2016

Sudden growth spurt

Our weather was warm and dry in May and early June, then shifted to wet and cool for late June, and is now wet and warm in early July. It's creating interesting growth patterns in our gardens.

Our strawberries stopped blooming and producing very early, our gooseberries were sparse and small compared with last year, the blueberries are doing much better than last year, and our fruit trees seem to be ready to produce, some for the first time. We have loads of raspberries, which we adore. Every year seems a bit different. I would hate to be a farmer in these times.

Meanwhile, in the last week, our grape vines have shot up and are very encouraging though not yet fruiting. Last year, the fruiting happened in August so I am not too worried. I am quite encouraged that they are growing vigorously enough to reach the higher wires. We'll have to think about whether to add another level of wires as we saw in Cape May.