Monday, 29 August 2016

Microscopic grapes and progress in vines

Starting to look like a mini vineyard

I was tying up the vines, some of which have reached the top wire this year, when I noticed one vine choking it's grapes. The tendrils of one branch had curled around the babies and closed so tight they weren't able to breath. Naturally, I liberated the babies and tied up the vine, using bits of 'nylon' stockings as the ties. They work so well. They stretch forever and don't hurt a thing.

Some of the vines look robust

It's very rewarding to see the grapes growing in healthy specimens, all but two that is. Two of the reds look a bit under the weather.  They don't seem to be diseased, just not happy. Two of the white vines are very very happy and growing robustly.

Some not too happy. This is a Rondo.