Friday, 9 September 2016

We have grapes!

Okay, well I cannot say that we have many grapes, nor can I call them bunches of grapes. But we do have some visible succulent fruits, on the same plant as last year, and in a cluster. They appear to be ripening as we speak. First week of September. The weather was humid and warm last week, damp yesterday, and blustery and damp today. A gale is forecast for this afternoon. Just what we don't want at harvest time. Not that we have to worry yet.

Only one plant has proven fertile to date. It is a robust looking red rondo. How exciting to spot the little morsels turning dark purplish on the vine.  There is hope. I do believe that we'll start seeing more next year.

We have a better harvest overall this year compared with last. We already have apples and the first crop of pears ever is progressing nicely. But for now we'll have to be content with the bountiful harvest of other fruits and veg. Certainly the tomatoes, raspberries and strawberries are a treat. And the late blueberries are almost ripe. Little by little, we are getting there.