Friday, 4 November 2016

Frost has arrived

The last two days brought northerly winds and the first frost of the season. We have days with showers alternation with days with brilliant sunshine. Then there are the days like today where the showers and sunshine make in and out conditions all day long. If we had had any grapes, they would have been harvested sometime in October. This year, as last year, October was brilliant. Mild and mostly dry without any massive storms.

So far the grapevines have not dropped their leaves yet but the trees are mostly bare on our property. Inland, there is lots of colour .-- not scarlet, orange and golden like in New England -- mostly yellow. I love having trees to look at and love. We have moved all the sensitive plants to the greenhouse and into the house.  We are working on cleaning up the vegetable gardens and Alex is bringing up plenty of seaweed that washed up in the high tides.  Another season is coming to a close.