Sunday, 11 December 2016

Finally, leaf fall

The weather in Ireland has been ridiculously mild this Fall. Few gales or storms. Way above average rainfall for September and below rainfall figures for October. Unusually, we had two days of intense all-encompassing fog which obliterated the world, then froze it in dendritic patterns.

Flowers are still blooming and tiny clusters of pears have formed - poor things, they are unlikely to survive or thrive. Daffodils are inches tall.  But the leaves have finally fallen off the vines, both red and white. I am concerned about pruning because of the mild temps. I am holding off until we get some real cold to ensure the vines are truly dormant. Instead, I've the had the time to harvest herbs, prune shrubs and fruit trees, and clean up in the garden overall.

The neighborhood Christmas tree is floating on a secure platform in the inlet and its lights delight us every evening. The skies have been lighting up as they do this time of year, with brilliant sunsets and sunrises which we are actually awake enough to view this time of year. If only a solar flare would treat us to an aurora. I continue to hope and wish upon the stars.

The winter solstice is only ten days away. From that day, the days will be getting longer again and the cycle will begin anew.

December Solstice in Westport, Ireland is on

Wednesday, 21 December 2016, 10:44 GMT