Saturday, 8 April 2017

Building a vineyard

Earlier this week in Daria's Vineyard

Alex has been very busy planting fence posts in the field. He bought a trailer load on Monday and by Friday he had a good number of them planted. That's the hardest part of creating a vineyard. He is working very hard while the vines sit in clumps in the ground awaiting their day in the sun. 

The soil is curious. It has a clay in it that almost feels sandy. We really should have it analyzed to tell us what it is. But our philosophy is that if grapes love poor soil, then these grapes are sure to get it. Fortunately for Alex, the ground is quite soft now and the light NW winds are cooling us off as we work. 

I've been weeding and pruning the vegetable garden. 

Progress made by Friday

New style design is much superior to prior year's
Chardonnay grapes are in.

Alex noticed that the top wire from
last year was fine but the bottom
wires were rusting. So he's now grounding
all the wire trellises. 
Tools of the trade - new chardonnay plant

Veins of clay visible
Curious soil

The new solaris vines